Over the years there has been a significant interest in franchising with us. We are now offering the Kobe Sizzlers Franchise across Canada and parts of USA.


We are looking for owner operators who will offer Kobe Sizzlers customers the same quality food and exceptional service that they have come to know in Canada for over 7 years.


Approval process takes approximately 3-6 weeks upon being interviewed by the Kobe Sizzlers Team.


The cost can vary from one location to another. It can range between $500K - $800k Turn Key. Prices for US locations will vary.

Franchise fees and Royalty

Franchise fee: $50,000
Royalty: 5%
Marketing: 2%

Training program

Training is mandatory. The comprehensive program could last between 3-4 weeks.

Our Story

Kobe sizzlers restaurant introduced the sizzlers concept in 1975, when the very first restaurant opened in Mumbai, India. Ever since ‘Kobe’ has kept its customers craving for more. The franchise strongly believes in good food and great quality service that have made ‘Kobe Sizzlers’ one of the best-loved restaurants around. Currently other than India, Kobe Sizzlers in present in following countries via franchising agreements:

  • England
  • Oman
  • Dubai
  • Canada

In Canada the franchise has been successfully been operating since 2015 and is proud to introduce sizzlers to the Canadian and North American culinary landscape

Franchising with us

Kobe Sizzlers is now open for franchising across Canada and the USA. We are looking for owner operators who will offer the same quality food and exceptional service that customers have come to know in Canada for over 8 years.

How much do I need to acquire a Kobe Sizzlers franchise?

Your initial Investment to acquire a license to operate  a Kobe Sizzlers Franchise is $45,000/- Your total investment will vary from one location to another and from one region to another. An estimated range is from $800,000 to $1,500,000. This includes franchise rights, initial training, support and development assistance necessary to start up the restaurant. Of course costs will depend upon your specific circumstances. The following are key determinants:

A brand new “shell and core” property versus conversion of an existing restaurant. (We do recommend conversion of an existing restaurant to keep costs comparatively lower and opening time shorter.)Construction and development cost in your particular marketYour project manager’s efficiency

The overall and local economy

Ho much royalty fee will I need to pay?

The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales .

This fee provides you with use of Kobe Sizzlers brand name and operating system as well as ongoing support, training & development. 

How much average return on my investment can I expect?

The return will be dependent on a number of factors: Inflation, supplies and labor cost, your abilities, your competition, interest rates, lease terms, the economy and the general market conditions. However consistently increasing the customer base and controlling costs will play a major part in the return.

What type support will be provided?

We provide you with the tools and support you need to make your restaurant the first choice for those looking for a different dine-in experience. The support begins before you open your restaurant by providing guidance on the site, equipment, processes among other things. We provide assistance in creating the Kobe Sizzlers environment, followed by training you, your management and staff on how to provide your guests with Kobe Sizzlers experience. Once your restaurant is open, initial follow up support will be provided to ensure that Kobe Sizzlers systems and specifications are in place.

Do I need previous restaurant experience?

Previous restaurant experience is not necessary. However, any experience in food service is helpful. More importantly, your sound business sense and your compatibility with Kobe Sizzlers are going to be extremely helpful to you. If you do not posses full service restaurant experience, it is strongly advised that initially involve yourself in day-to-day activities to understand the operational processes key to providing customers with the Kobe Sizzlers experience.

Will Kobe Sizzlers provide training?

We will provide thorough hands-on training to you/your management team/or  key staff. Training is mandatory.

The comprehensive training program covering key aspects of the business, could last between 3-4 weeks. This will give you the confidence and knowledge to run your Kobe Sizzler restaurant

Does Kobe Sizzlers set any standards?

Menu, recipes, required equipment, kitchen layout, interior design, POS System, safety standards, suppliers, employee management are some of the key areas that you will receive guidance and support. Following guidelines on these will ensure that Kobe Sizzlers guests have the same experience, at any location, each and every time.

How do I identify the site for a new restaurant?

We will guide and assist you in finding the best site possible. We will give the final approval, however you are responsible for site selection which you assess to be most profitable for your business.

How long does it take to set up my Kobe Sizzlers location?

The estimated timelines from the date of your formal application submission to the approval from our side, is from two to four weeks. After approval, the time taken to open will depend on whether it is a conversion of an existing restaurant or a brand new construction. 

What are the key determinants to qualify as a Kobe Sizzlers franchisee?

The following will be instrumental to determine your eligibility to qualify:

If you do not possess prior restaurant experience, your excellent management skills can be adapted through Kobe Sizzlers’ training programs.You must possess sufficient knowledge of your intended location/market. If you have lived in the city, that will be to your advantage, as you will be well aware of its cultural and business environmentYou must have access to the required capital. The amount could vary from one location, region and country, to anotherIf you are interested in a territory or multiple restaurants, the following additional requirements must be fulfilled:An agreement which will specify the number of sites and the time period in which the restaurants will be opened for operation.You must be financially capable to operate more than one restaurant.Have the management capability and personnel to operate the desired number of restaurants in the territory or multiple restaurants.

You will be required to submit a proposal detailing all aspects of your business plan and management, shareholder and operating structures, which must include:

Projected statement of revenue and expenses.A financial plan for construction and timetable of completion.Employment information and business history of all shareholders and operating management team.

What are the next steps?

If you are truly interested in a Kobe Sizzlers Franchise, please fill in the online application form. If selected, we will schedule an interview to understand your implementation plan. Once you qualify and we decide to move ahead with your application, the franchise application process starts with the exchange of information will begin after signing an MOU.  You can thus make a fully formed business decision with the required information from us.

Franchise Application Form