How This All Began

Our journey began in Mumbai, India, nearly four decades ago. It was 1975 and India’s first 70mm stereophonic sound film had just been released. At the same time, not very far, history was in the making. In a modest 600 square feet area, near India’s oldest surviving Opera House, a brand was born. One that sizzles till date. It was christened, “Kobe Sizzlers”. Since then, we have grown our footprint to more than twenty locations, across four continents.

The restaurant in India has been acclaimed internationally as one of The Best restaurants of the world and awarded international Gastronomic Award (“Europe 83”) by El Bar”.

A new addition to Canada’s culinary landscape but with its roots firmly in the same commitment to quality, taste and a unique dining experience as the very first Kobe Sizzler Restaurant. Bringing to you the same taste that brought many family and friends together.

Kobe Sizzlers Canada is excited to showcase its exquisite quality and undeniably yummy menu to diners in the GTA. We look forward to creating the many memories as we have in the past. Our journey continues from here with a dream to serve Canadians for years to come!



We radiate warmth and offer personalized service which is professional, yet casual. Once you’ve stepped in, we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and simply enjoy the food.

We are a family restaurant which means we like the ambience to be warm and welcoming where you can spend time with friends and family. We will make you comfortable and help you out with suggestions on items on the menu hoping to make your dining experience an enjoyable one.



Kobe Sizzlers is a brand specializing in the creation of high quality sizzlers. Our philosophy is really very simple: Good food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

At the very heart of our existence are the sizzlers. We strive, every day to improve and improvise on what we have been passionate about, since the time the very first sizzler, billowing aromatic steam, was dished out in 1975.


We have a near obsessive dedication to quality and hygiene and take pride in being pioneers of sizzlers in every country where we opened up. Our sizzlers are made using the best possible, fresh, locally sourced ingredients, while staying true to the authentic taste. It is for this reason all our signature sauces (pepper, garlic, mushroom, szechwan and sweet ’n’ sour) are specially prepared in house.

Our philosophy is what continues to drive us, to keep serving you with scrumptious sizzlers, each time